Mining in South Africa Is the Reason for Development

South Africa has been called a “world leader” when it comes to mining. The reason for this is simple: South Africa is and has always been rich in resources. South Africa contributes immensely with its minerals, especially with platinum, gold, coal and diamonds.

When driving around South Africa you cannot help noticing small mining villages and massive mines with trains actively going about taking minerals away. They are dotted all over the country and with good reason. South Africa is proudly full of reserves of all kinds of minerals that are just waiting to be mined. It is thanks to all this mining that South Africa has developed the way it has into the best economy in Africa.

Sources differ with the time in which the first proper mine was set up, but the first mining company will be the one that was established in 1846, it was the first commercial mining company. The company was established in none other than Cape Town, which is a very busy trade post and have almost nothing to do with mining today, believing Namaqualand to be rich in copper.

1867 was the beginning of profitable mining in South Africa when a diamond was found on the banks of the Orange River, which in turn led to Kimberley pipes being found. After this the next big discovery only happened in 1886 with Witwatersrand Gold Rush, which was apparently the biggest gold field created. Gold mining grew immensely over time, even till the early 20th century. South Africa still stands second with gold mining today.

Mining has given many South Africans employment and helped South Africa’s economy. With mining, South Africa is always somewhere in the top with exports. It stands second with gold and third with coal. It seems that South Africa is indeed rich in resources and quite a lot of these resources are highly important in our daily lives. Mining has slowly developed years back to where it is now, a world leader. Who knows how South Africa will grow in the mining industry in the next few years that lie ahead.