The reality of mining in South Africa

Mining is essentially what started many towns in south Africa due to the mineral rich soils that we have been lucky to be blessed with, just  a few of the minerals that are buried deep within South African soils are Gold, Platinum as well as diamonds. Although a very lucrative industry and essentially one of the largest contributors to South Africa’s yearly income mining is an extremely dangerous industry.

As all mining is underground it can be extremely dangerous and unforgiving as the earth is very unstable as is the nature of Mother Nature. Over the years reports of mining accidents have been high and the number of lives lost even higher. Due to the nature of these accidents and loss of lives miners all over South Africa have been campaigning for higher salaries, better medical aid, higher pension packages as well as danger pay which when thinking about it is only fair seeing that they are in one of the most dangerous industries in South Africa.

Unstable earth is not the only danger the workers in the mining industry have to face, danger chemicals that these workers have to work with everyday run the risk of explosions and serious fires, a few years back in the mining town of Secunda an explosion rocked one of the mine shaft towers killing at least forty men, these are the incidents that the public is privy to other smaller incidents that are not such big news happen every day like an explosion in one of the tanks in the same area as the major explosion killed one of the technicians after he sustained third degree burns from the explosion, smaller accidents like these happen every single day going unnoticed by the public.

This is just to put you in the picture of what some South Africans have to endure while making South Africa richer so before commenting on a mine strike think twice.